Colour Increases Brand Recognition By 80%

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A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%, new research reveals.

In a survey of 2,648 consumers conducted by Reboot, consumers were shown different colors and asked to name the brand they represented. 91% of consumers were able to name at least one brand by hue alone.

80% of participants were able to recognize Starbucks from its green color alone, while 67% identify Ikea from a depiction of its iconic yellow and blue hues.

Colour has the unique ability to communicate a feeling immediately. Whether that feeling is a passion for red, serenity for green, or festivity when combining the two; it is not difficult to see why it is so important to choose the right colors when it comes to creating your brand.

In the jewellery industry, ‘Tiffany Blue’ is the most globally recognized branded color, and as such the company capitalizes on this by making sure all of its online presence features its trade-marked Pantone shade.

Elsewhere, Swarovski has committed to a royal blue and Cartier adorns itself in a deep red.

When it comes to luxury, research reveals black is the most popular color, but on a wider scale, 1 in 3 global brands uses red in their logo. Hues of blue are most commonly seen in corporate businesses.

News Source: professionaljeweller

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