ALROSA provides financing to improve drinking water quality in Yakutia

ALROSA provides financing to improve drinking water quality in Yakutia

ALROSA and authorities continue working on the improvement of the water supply in several districts of the Republic of Sakha

ALROSA and the government of Yakutia in 2019-2024 roll out the joint program aimed to provide the population of the Vilyui ulus group with high-quality drinking water. As a part of it, new water treatment plants in 14 settlements of the “diamond province” must come on stream. ALROSA is a major investor of the program through the Future Generations Fund.

Under the program, the municipalities have already received 10 water trucks at a total cost of 33.4 mln rubles. Six more water trucks will be delivered until the end of 2024.

“New water treatment plants with the capacity of 20, 50 and 100 cubic meters per day are launched in four villages of Verkhnevilyuisky district. Pre-commissioning works are underway in five villages of Suntarsky district, and in one village of Nyurbinsky district. There are also four plants in the town of Vilyuisk and Verkhnevilyuisk village. In Q1, new water treatment plants will appear in four more villages,” said Sergey Mestnikov, CEO of the Future Generation Fund.

ALROSA together with municipalities and non-budgetary sources invested around 280 mln rubles in this project. The program also includes modernization and construction of water wells and conduits

News Source: diamondworld

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