Closing Burton jeweller sells half its £1.5m stock in one week

Closing Burton jeweller sells half its £1.5m stock in one week
Closing Burton jeweller sells half its £1.5m stock in one week

Independent jeweller, HJ Richards, has had a successful first week in its closing down sale.

After more than 120 years in Burton, the family-run business revealed it will be shutting shop due to difficult trading conditions and health reasons.

Local shoppers were quick to turn to social media to share their despair over the news, and it appears they were also quick to check out the closing down sales as nearly half the stock when in the first week of being discounted.

According to local newspaper, Derbyshire Live, HJ Richards flogged nearly half of its £1.5m stock less than a week after launching its closing down sale.

All but one of the retailer’s men’s watches have been sold, as well as a host of bracelets, diamond and clear-stoned rings and pendants.

Company director, Andrew Richards, tells the local press: “There have been a lot of ladies coming in to buy treats for themselves. I’m not sure where their husbands have been.

“It’s been a surprise to us, because you just think there’s not that much money out there. They’ve obviously all be saving up.”

Richards believes about 45% of stock has been sold so far. He predicts the store will stay open another five weeks before all pieces shift.

Richards admits it’s been a difficult time. He tells Derbyshire Live: “With it being a family business, you feel like you’re letting the side down by closing. But deep down I know I’m making the right decision and I’ve got the backing of my family.

“I’ve managed to spend most Christmases laid up with asthma or in hospital, but hopefully with the stress of work gone, I’ll hopefully feel a lot better this year.”

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