GIA Discounts Gemolite® NXT Microscope At AGTA Gemfair Tuscon Show

GIA Discounts Gemolite® NXT Microscope At AGTA Gemfair Tuscon Show
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Gemological Institute of America (GIA) said its gemmological microscope, Gemolite® NXT, would be available for purchase at a limited-time discount through the end of the AGTA GemFair Tuscon show.

“Developed in conjunction with GIA’s Global Research Team, this microscope is packed with cutting-edge features, designed for optimal performance and customisation, catering to the needs of gemmologists and scientists in various settings, whether grading diamonds or coloured stones, in a laboratory or retail environment,” said Anthony Brown, GIA director of instruments operations.

“The research team set out to create a microscope that preserves the ergonomic advantages of its predecessor, incorporates modern LED lighting technology for extended illumination, and enhances functionality with added features like fiber optic light,” said Dr. Wuyi Wang, GIA vice president of research and development.

Gemolite® NXT offers various options for viewing different gemstone features, accommodating techniques such as darkfield, brightfield, diffused, reflected, and polarised lighting. It also includes a set of 10X oculars for increased total magnification up to 50x, soft eyecups and a specially designed optics pod that is optimal for use with diamonds and coloured gemstones.

The GIA Gemolite® NXT Professional edition features two interchangeable fibre optic lights, LED illuminated overhead lamp, 15X oculars for a total magnification of 75x, soft eyecups and adjustable armrests for enhanced ergonomics.

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