Lucapa Defines Kimberlite Drilling Targets at Orapa Area F and Brooking Projects


Lucapa Diamond Company Limited today announced that it has succeeded in defining priority lamproite and kimberlite drilling targets at both, the Brooking Diamond project in Western Australia; as well as the Orapa Area F Diamond Project in Botswana.

The Company reported that at Brooking electromagnetic (EM) surveys identified drilling targets at the same place from which diamonds and lamproite materials were recovered during earlier sampling programmes.

At Orapa Area F, the Company says, “a coincident magnetic/EM/gravity target has been defined within one of the world’s most prolific diamond fields”.

Lucapa said that its strategy is to undertake “low-cost” exploration programmes “in known diamond provinces” and this is the policy it has been pursuing in both Brooking and the Orapa Area F Projects. While Brooking is located in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, once the leading source for rare, fancy yellow diamonds; Orapa Area F is about 40 kms east of the “prolific” Orapa diamond mine in Botswana.

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