Malabar Opens “World’s Biggest Jewelry Showroom”

Malabar Opens
Pic shows the new Malabar store

Malabar Gold and Diamonds has opened what it claims is the world’s largest jewelry showroom, at 110,000sq ft.

The “artistry store” in Cochin, Kerala, is on the site where the group was founded in 1993. It now boasts over 300 stores and 17,500 staff.

Its claim to be the largest store in the world may, however, be disputed.

Tiffany & Co’s flagship Fifth Avenue 10-floor store re-opened in New York last week after a major refurbishment. Remarkably, it also covers an area of 110,000sq ft.

Meanwhile Gems Gallery, in Pattaya, Thailand, claims it is the largest jewelry store in the world, at 163,611sq ft, although that includes a manufacturing unit.

The new Malabar store, which opened on Sunday (7 May) will offer customers “a totally different experience to the customers, providing them information on design development and manufacturing,” the company said.

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