Poonam Soni Launches New Collection with a Vibrant Twist

Poonam Soni Launches New Collection with a Vibrant Twist

Mumbai-based jeweller extraordinaire Poonam Soni has made waves both in India and internationally with her distinctive talent for avant-garde accessory design. Keeping up with her legacy, she is set to raise the benchmark once again with the launch of her newest collection of trademarked jewellery – Animal Farm Revived.

Soni’s latest range is an ode to George Orwell’s famous societal satire Animal Farm, penned in 1945. Inspired by the differences and unhappiness amongst the animals who rebel against autocracy in Orwell’s bestselling time, the animal pendants in Soni’s farm are happy, liberated from submission, and giving a strong message of hope and equality. Their zest for life is visible in each piece. Each quirky animal is dressed flamboyantly as humans in tuxedos, hats, buckled belts, designer backpacks – and depicted playing golf, riding a tricycle, etc – generally living a life of freedom, recreation and leisure.

Poonam Soni Launches New Collection with a Vibrant Twist


Each piece is crafted in silver and mixed metals, studded with precious and exclusively sourced semi-precious stones. The pendants are three-dimensional and flexible – allowing a range of free-moving body parts to make each pendant truly spectacular. Each animal has a distinct character and mood, portrayed by Soni’s keen eye for detail and craftsmanship. She has given the collection her unique flourish with hand-painted touches, fine enamels and the multi-media look Soni is best known for!

The launch pendant is Napoleon the pig, kitted out fashionably and riding a tricycle – a far cry from Orwell’s arrogant, power-hungry character.

Poonam Soni Launches New Collection with a Vibrant Twist

Animal Farm Revived has been in the making for two years. It first came to Poonam’s mind on one of her New York jaunts in early 2018. The collection itself is a collaboration between Soni and her daughter Kriti, who is the artist behind the design concepts. Their cumulative efforts have made Soni’s vision come to life, and this initiative is even closer to their hearts as the duo are practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism, which propounds joy, happiness and humanity as the basis of life.

Poonam’s Gaudi-inspired collection of 2008 made a huge splash in the jewellery world globally and became an instant must-have for connoisseurs. The Animal Farm Collection is now sure to have the same impact amongst art lovers and fashion-forward women. Poonam Soni once again establishes that she is more an artist than a jeweller, with an undeniable eye for colour, aesthetics, detail and perfection. It is a happy collection, and Poonam says simply, “It’s my best in 31 years!”

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About the designer

Poonam Soni established herself as a jewellery artist way back in 1989. Her collections broke existing norms in the industry by using art, architecture, mixed metals in precious materials. Through her revolutionary designs, she opened the way for a new jewellery world.

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