STPL Honored with Most Prestigious International JNA Award 2019

JNA Awards

The JNA Awards is the premier awards program in Asia recognizing innovation, leadership and sustainable and socially responsible strategies within the jewelry and gemstone community. Through the JNA Awards competition, companies and individuals submit the latest practices, technologies and designs in various categories for recognition of excellence. In 2019, Honors were presented to 46 shortlisted Honorees from 11 countries and regions. Finalists are selected by a diverse group of experienced judges and, from that group of finalists (honorees), one winner (recipient) from each category is awarded.

Mr. Rahul Gaywala, CEO of STPL, quoted, “This is a very proud moment for STPL to get a recognition from JNA about the chosen path of AI, Robotics and Automation for the World Diamond Industry. Now the world diamond industry can have better control over quality of diamonds being processed without worrying about human mistakes, nor the business owners will have to worry about scarcity of skilled labour to produce high quality diamonds. Also, the intelligent Robots complete the CAD-CAM solutions integration between Diamond Planner to Diamond cutting equipment, hence decreases the yield loss, and ultimately increases the profit margins, which are being lost to human errors with past generation, non-robotic machines. This is just the beginning, there are many more Robotic equipment are in pipeline, which will be launched in market in next months.”.

Modern AI driven robotic technological solutions of STPL lead laser technology and ensure more production at a lower cost. With the broad range of technologies and values-based approach, STPL has created unique and formidable identity in the diamond processing industry. STPL has been making headways in the field of ushering in an era of robotics and automation in the diamond industry and helping the nation stay at the forefront of this extremely demanding area of expertise. STPL has developed the Diamond World’s First Robot, which makes the complicated aspects of diamond processing completely automated and error-free, thus helping the industry boost its production in terms of quantity and quality. And industry can also come out of the problem of skilled labour. Today STPL has around 12,000 diamond processing technologies running throughout the globe in more than 25 countries and 6 continents.

Established in 1993, STPL develops total technological solutions for all processes of diamond manufacturing, such as diamond analysis and planning, diamond cutting, blocking, and all processes to safe-trading diamond trading. STPL is delivering cutting edge technology to ensure more production at a lower cost emphasizing the great customer experience. STPL has the creative and innovative talent dedicated to furthering creative excellence in the diamond industry and go beyond the ordinary.

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