‘Tiffany Robot Crew’ to tour London during the festive season

Tinie Tempah Unveils An Installation Of Tiffany Blue Robots & A Boom Box Playing Seasonal Tracks In The Heart Of Covent Garden

Tiffany & Co unveiled a large-scale installation at its store in Covent Garden, which will then travel around London.

Nodding to its new marketing campaign ‘Christmas Made by Tiffany’, which imagines the ‘magical’ construction scenes at the brand’s workshop during the busy season, Tiffany & Co has created an installation of interactive robots that have premiered in Covent Garden.

The robots, adorned in the brand’s trademark colour, have been named the Tiffany Robot Crew and will move around London during the holidays.

Complete with a giant boom box, the installation plays famous festive tunes with a twist, and allows customers to interact with the brand on social media and have a message appear on the main robot’s stomach.

The Tiffany Robot Crew are inspired by the brand’s iconic Blue Boxes – a symbol recognised around the world. Tiffany robots can also be seen making star appearances in the brand’s new Christmas campaign, window displays, and the recently unveiled campaign film “Believe in Dreams” which features a star-studded cast including actress Zoë Kravitz with models Naomi Campbell, Maye Musk and Karen Elson.

The robot crew will be spreading festive cheer by travelling to famous London locations near Tiffany stores including the Sloane Square and Westfield, White City.

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