Wearable Brand Bellabeat Turns Over a New Leaf


The Urban Leaf was designed to help manage users’ stress levels


It may be the first-ever wearable device that claims to be able to reduce our overall stress.

Bellabeat, which has sold more than 400,000 units of its prettyLeaf activity tracker in the past two years, will debut the Leaf Urban—an activity, sleep, and period/fertility tracker for women—Aug. 1.

And, according to the company, the new device will give users “insight into which parameters create higher stress levels in your life” and help us “learn to manage them…. Leaf Urban’s new stress feature is changing the game in wearable technology and taking stress mangement to the next level.”

So what does it actually do? The Urban Leaf, which will be sold exclusively on Bellabeat’s site, corrals a user’s sleep and activity data, meditation minutes, and menstrual cycle information to gauge stress levels.

The Bellabeat Urban Leaf wearable

The Bellabeat Urban Leaf wearable

Its approach isn’t exactly bulletproof, but it’s also not hooey. The amount of exercise and sleep a person gets certainly affects her stress—as do certain times of the month.

The device, which pairs with a proprietary app that tracks and analyzes your personal data, takes stress-busting one step further—by forecasting how stressed out you’re likely to be on any given day, then offering suggestions for eradicating stress, such as fitting in a few minutes of meditation or going to bed an hour earlier.

The Leaf Urban looks as good—or better—than the original Leaf. It’s a tad thinner, a little sleeker, and integrates the decorative metal into the device casing much more harmoniously. Its wood-and-plastic shell also makes it more water resistant than the original Leaf, which is all wood.

The Urban Leaf can be worn as a necklace (a silver chain is included), a bracelet (on a double-wrap leather band, which is also included), or a clip-on brooch for runners and cardio lovers. Prices for the device have yet to be released, but the original Leaf starts at $119.

(Photos courtesy of Bellabeat)

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