Alrosa Uses Sarine Technology for Digital Tenders

Alrosa Uses Sarine Technology for Digital Tenders

Alrosa has debuted a pilot digital tender program that gave buyers access to a full digital scan of each rough diamond for sale. To do so, the mining company used various tools and technology from Sarine Technologies, including Sarine’s Galaxy inclusion mapping and DiaExpert planning.

The scans give information about each rough diamond’s detailed external shape, internal inclusions and anticipated color and fluorescence.

“Digital tenders for rough diamonds allow us to improve our customers’ experience by reducing the risk associated with their purchasing decisions,” said Alrosa deputy CEO Evgeny Agureev.

“This ensures their long-term sustainable profitability as well as streamlines manufacturing processes after procurement of the stones. Alrosa concurrently benefits from the ability to show products to a large variety of clients within a short timeframe. This is a very good example where digital technology enables the parties to end up in a win-win situation.”

“The diamond industry is evolving, and rough diamond buyers are seeking ever more information in order to ensure decisions that are the most effective,”said Sarine Technologies CEO David Block. “Market conditions and margins are such that few can afford to err in the purchase of rough diamonds for their respective businesses.”

News Source: idexonline

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