Australia Mints Pink Diamond Coins Worth $195,000

Australia Mints Pink Diamond Coins Worth $195,000
Jewelled Horse gold coin
Pink diamonds from the now-closed Argyle mine have been incorporated into new  Jewelled Horse gold coins by Australia’s state-owned Perth Mint.
They are legal tender, with a face value of A$2,000, although it’s highly unlikely any will actually be used as cash.
They each have 2.76-carats of fancy intense vivid pink and purplish-pink Argyle diamonds and cost US$194,833. Only eight have been minted.
Previous mints – 2020’s The Jewelled Tiger, 2019’s The Jewelled Dragon, and 2018’s The Jewelled Phoenix – have all sold out.
In 2018 the Perth Mint produced the most valuable collector coin in history, made from 2kg of gold with four rare Argyle pink and purplish-pink diamonds — the largest of which is 1.02 carat – and a $2.48m price tag.
The Arygle mine in Western Australia, source of 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds since 1984, ceased production last year.

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