Britt’s Pick: Tanya Farah’s Geode Earrings


My ultimate autumn earrings

It never fails. Each autumn, I get caught up in fall fashion fever. I have a mental list of things I need to get to thoroughly take advantage of the season, and most always, it consists of something velvet, something gold, something brown, something cream. It’s a sort of soft, rustic style that implies cozy sophistication—whether it actually appears that way is up for debate, but it makes me feel like I’m doing my favorite season just right. So there’s a reason I gravitate toward Tanya Farah’s earrings: They are all of those things on my list, rolled into one. The organic geode appears textured and velvety: Its swirling mix of brown, gray, and white is earthy yet glam. Their golden borders gleam, dotted with champagne and white diamonds, and the floral shapes at the posts enhance that rustic vibe. If my fall fashion choices were a piece (or pieces) of jewelry, this would be it. And come to think of it, they would look really fabulous paired with my seasonal requirements, wouldn’t they? Add them to the list!


Andrew’s Passion Flower collection drop earrings with organic geodes and 1.8 cts. t.w. diamonds, $4,752

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