De Beers calls for probe of environmental practices

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The Oppenheimer De Beers Group Research Conference is to showcase its latest findings on biodiversity and ecosystem developments in the diamond tradeand has issued a call for the submission of research papers to be presented.

The conference provides a platform for those working or studying in ecology, archaeology, palaeontology and cultural, tourist or social research to share their findings with an audience of their peers.

Academics, students, researchers, site managers and environmental managers that have carried out research on E Oppenheimer & Son and De Beers Group sites are encouraged to submit their findings for presentation to more than 180 attendees.

Patti Wickens, senior environmental manager at De Beers Group, said: “The conference first began as a platform to highlight the ‘good that diamonds do’ by making significant contributions to conservation. Today, more than ever, we’re keen to keep this vision alive by showcasing the positive contribution that safe and sustainable diamond mining can provide.”

The Diamond Route, launched in 2002 to promote biodiversity conservation and education, connects seven conservation sites and nature reserves located around De Beers Group’s mines in southern Africa.

It also offers an opportunity for site managers and researchers to discuss the latest environmental, conservation and ecology trends, and guides future research and postgraduate opportunities across the Diamond Route.

The diamond company plans to unveil the findings at the 8th annual Oppenheimer De Beers Group Research Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 17 and 18 October.

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