Friday 5: Summery Turquoise Jewels


If you had to pick one gemstone to best illustrate the title “stone of summer,” what would it be? For me, the answer is unequivocally turquoise. Its blue-green presence is everything you want in a perfect summer day: the reflection of cool waters, a cloud-free sky, and a refreshing, fruity cocktail. Well, I suppose it’s everything you’d want in a luxurious island vacation. But there’s also a carefree spirit to turquoise that I find makes it so alluring. I feel even just holding on to the stone is grounding, calming, and cathartic. That’s why it’s the perfect stone to represent summer, and that’s why, each year around this time, I’m even more on the lookout for turquoise jewels. Here are five.

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Suspender earrings in 14k yellow gold with turquoise, $430; Smith + Mara

Ear band

Ear band in 14k rose gold with turquoise, $1,065; Jacquie Aiche

Cirque cuff bracelet

Cirque cuff bracelet in 14k rose gold with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, $3,450; Jane Taylor Jewelry (Also at top)


Necklace in yellow gold with turquoise, price on request; Lauren K

One-of-a-kind ring

One-of-a-kind ring in 18k yellow gold with Sleeping Beauty turquoise and diamonds, price on request; John Atencio

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