Handbook to help jewellery firms become more sustainable lands in the UK

Handbook to help jewellery firms become more sustainable lands in the UK

Common Objective (CO), a pioneering tech solution to sustainable fashion sourcing and business, has launched a Responsible Jewellery Handbook – a digital hub of intelligence designed to amplify best-practice in responsible and sustainable sourcing, and support jewellery brands to make more ethical business decisions.

The hub brings together resources from industry experts, including the Incorporation of Goldsmiths, Levin Sources and V&V Consultancy, to create a consolidated hub of information and suppliers for jewellers and jewellery brands of all shapes and sizes.

The Responsible Jewellery Handbook plugs a much-needed resource gap in the industry. The pressure on brands to take responsibility for their impact continues to grow across the jewellery industry, however to-date the majority of resource and outrage has been dedicated to the apparel and footwear sectors – the G7 Fashion Pact and London Fashion Week Extinction Rebellion protests being the most recent organised efforts from both industry and consumers.

Jewellery, however, seems to fly under the radar, despite the fact that it’s a $348.5 billion (£282bn) industry, with a geographically fragmented and largely artisanal supply chain that has little transparency and regulation. Jewellers have a real need to understand how to work responsibly and sustainably whilst continuing to run a financially viable business, and The Responsible Jewellery Handbook aims to help them do just that.

CO’s impact director, Clare Lissaman, says “Jewellery is a natural fit for CO due to its synergies with the fashion sector. We hope that jewellers can benefit from our global learnings on fashion, to move the trade to sustainable practices more rapidly. Along with content from expert industry partners, we will be commissioning jewellery specific research and data on the latest developments in the market to support our members.’

In addition to exploring topics such as supply chain transparency, circularity, ethical materials, and industry accreditation, CO’s digital handbook will help jewellers to connect with responsible suppliers and manufacturers. Sharing the expertise of partners such as V&V, the IoG and Levin Sources there is also a strong strategic focus – supporting jewellers to understand risks and opportunities in their business and highlighting how they can put in place clear strategies to ensure they are working responsibly.

Victoria Waugh, the co-founder of jewellery consultancy V&V, has been supporting CO to develop the handbook and echoes this sentiment. “CO brings together learnings from across the sector to create a comprehensive tool for the jewellery industry and, crucially, provides a platform for responsible suppliers, brands and retailers to connect across the globe.”

The handbook will continue to be co-created with experts and partners throughout 2019-20, the end goal being a comprehensive and practical reference point for individuals and businesses in jewellery trade embarking on the path of more responsible business.

Individuals and businesses can join the Common Objective network for free and then access the handbook.

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