IGI launches coral course and student scholarship initiative

IGI launches coral course

Traditionally a topic included in seminars on organic stones, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) will now offer its first coral class at its Italy branch.

As coral contributes significantly to the jewellery trade and is one of the most notable products still manufactured in Italy, IGI’s class will place the same emphasis on coral as it does for the “big three” (i.e., rubies, emeralds and sapphires), not to mention diamonds and pearls.

The new offering, which complies with all aspects of the CIBJO Coral Commission, will provide comprehensive information on coral including identification, grading, imitations, and treatments. As part of its holistic approach, lessons will also cover taxonomy, art, history and zoology. The course will supply an extensive range of specimens for participants to identify and grade. Following introductory classes in Italy, IGI will consider extending to its gemology schools worldwide.

Coral jewellery is a hot trend in the UK right now, with colour authority Pantone naming its hue as the colour of the year for 2019.

“With the jewellery industry’s renewed interest in coral, we feel the addition of this course will provide a robust education since no classes of similar caliber are currently being offered on the topic,” shares IGI chief executive officer, Roland Lorie. “We look forward to equipping our students with a deeper knowledge of one of Italy’s treasures.”

A scholarship initiative was also introduced on May 28 at the annual Italian Alumni Association meeting at the Oromare Jewelry Center in Marcianise. A first for the Italian branch of the Institute, scholarships will be given to young deserving students to encourage and empower them to enter the jewellery business. In its initial stage, IGI Italy will provide more than € 32,000 to enable students to attend courses free of charge.

“In the spirit of helping to make education more accessible, we are pleased to offer these scholarships to our Italian students,” says Paolo Minieri, president of IGI Italy and the Italian Alumni Association. “We believe this initiative demonstrates our sincere desire to give equal opportunities to all traders, artisans and students. We look forward to seeing the great work they accomplish through their IGI training.”

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