IGI Scores Diamonds for Light Performance

IGI Scores Diamonds for Light Performance
File pic of an IGI lab.

Grading reports produced by IGI will now offer a “light performance score” for round brilliant cut diamonds.

They’ll provide an overall score – low, moderate, high, superior or exceptional – for a stone’s light performance, together with separate scores for brightness, fire, and contrast, which combine to produce scintillation.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI), says its researchers used ray-tracing software to analyze light performance across a range of 12,474 round brilliant cut proportions sets spanning 18 table sizes.

Scores are supported by a computer-generated map of the diamond revealing overall light return, light leakage, and contrast.

“Light performance is directly connected to a diamond’s appeal,” said CEO Tehmasp Printer.

“In recent years we have seen increasing interest in expanded performance analysis. IGI has responded by creating an easy to understand, science-based light performance report along with cutting guidelines for diamond producers, empowering them to target the best results.”

Diamonds of the same shape can exhibit different visual characteristics, says IGI, which is why it has chosen to provide additional detail in its Light Performance Reports.

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