IIJS Signature D2D Campaign Reaches Out To New Buyers In Riyadh And Jeddah

IIJS Signature D2D Campaign Reaches Out To New Buyers In Riyadh And Jeddah

The India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) Signature, one of the leading trade shows for the Indian jewellery industry, has launched a door-to-door (D2D) campaign to invite prominent jewellers from Saudi Arabia to attend the show in Mumbai in January 2024.

The campaign involves direct engagement with influential jewellers in Riyadh and Jeddah, two of the key cities in the region, to showcase the benefits of participating in IIJS Signature and to understand the local jewellery preferences and trends.

In Jeddah, known for its rich cultural heritage and thriving business community, the IIJS Signature campaign opened doors to a spectrum of new buyers wanting to attend the show in January 2024 in Mumbai. The team met with 19 prominent jewellers in Jeddah such as BA Ali Jewellery, Durrant Lamar Gold Jewellery, Mizan Al Almas, Salem Hassan Alammari, Jawhart Al Arab, Bin Mahfooz and many others, understanding the local jewellery taste, enabling Indian jewellers to tailor their offerings and establish a stronger foothold in the region.

Similarly, the campaign’s presence in Riyadh, the capital and financial hub of Saudi Arabia, was of a strategic importance. Engaging with 45 influential jewellers such as Al Shaqha, White Diamond,Fan Al Jwhara, Al Hazzani Jewelry, Laylaty Jewelry, Al Modayan Jewelry, High Class Jewellery, Sirmass Jewellery and many others in the city, presenting IIJS Signature to a discerning audience.

The door-to-door campaign aims to generate meaningful connections and facilitate a cultural dialogue that enriches the global landscape of jewellery craftsmanship. By opening doors to a spectrum of new buyers from Saudi Arabia, the campaign also hopes to boost the growth and development of the Indian jewellery industry.

The campaign will soon move to Kuwait and Qatar, two other important markets in the Middle East, to continue its outreach efforts.

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