KIL N.Y.C. Launches the New Teras Jewelry Collection, Inspired by Mythology and Monsters

KIL N.Y.C. Launches the New Teras Jewelry Collection, Inspired by Mythology and Monsters
Harpy and Chimera Cuff, by KIL NYC

Konstantinos Leoussis debuts mythological creatures in custom jewelry, with the Teras Collection.

New York, NY. October 27, 2021. Mythology has influenced art for centuries, especially in Ancient Greece and Rome. Animals and symbols have been used to create powerful messages in fine art and sculpture, as well as within wearable works, such as jewelry. Konstantinos I. Leoussis reintroduces ancient creatures into modern forms. With designs displaying a passion for history and tradition, the new Teras Collection plays on a love for mythology and monsters.

Konstantinos I.  Leoussis, Founder and Designer of KIL N.Y.C., says, “I created Teras to bring imaginary creatures into our world. Each scale is lovingly hand carved, and precious stones are meticulously selected to bring the Minotaur, The Chimera, and The Argus from the pages of old times and into the world of modern jewelry. Our pieces are designed for world-explorers, history lovers, and those who would like to add a bit of eccentricity to their jewelry box.”

Stories of ancient Greek gods and monsters were designed not only to entertain, but to educate. Dating back thousands of years, mythology helps the modern reader reflect on past civilizations through stories, and oftentimes parallels to modern society continue to be drawn. The Minotaur, part man and part bull, has been hand carved into a Minos ring and pendant, which feature the head of a bull, with horns to embody the strength and dominance of both the Minotaur and its wearer. The Argus, God of Surveillance, was a giant known for having eyes all over his body, to watch and protect those around him. Vibrant and mystical, the KIL N.Y.C. Argus medallion, cuff, and studs display those same eyes, resembling a guardian and protector.

Visiting the darker side, both the Chimera and Medusa were considered monsters in mythology. A fire-breathing female creature, The Chimera has the head of a lion, body of a goat, and tail of a serpent. KIL N.Y.C. designed the Chimera hoops earrings, cuff, and ring to embody the spirit of the dauntless creature, with its intricate design and flashy serpent tail. Additionally, the ring and cuff have matte and mirror finishes available upon request to enhance the look. In addition, Medusa, traditionally a monster from Greek mythology, has become a symbol of modern feminism—a femme fatale who rages against the stigmatization of female sexuality. Medusa has the face of a women, and poisonous snakes for hair, a signature look inspiring both the Medusa ring and pendant. Each displays her infamous head into art jewelry, the perfect gift for a modern feminist.

KIL N.Y.C.’s beautiful Harpy pendant, cuff, and ring capture the half human, half bird features of the mystical creature from classical mythology. Her wings are displayed to assert strength and the ability to fly, symbolizing the spirit of the wind. The Lernian Pendant depicts the ferocious and immortal serpentine water creature. Displaying its monstrous multiple heads, the pendant imbues unwavering strength and power for the wearer. KIL N.Y.C.’s Arrows of Hercules pendant promotes healing; the arrows were gifts from Apollo, used in many feats. Lastly, the Teras Collection’s Scaly Serpent Hook is a gorgeous depiction of a serpent, formed into a shaped hook— the snake as a symbol of a guardian spirit.

Each KIL N.Y.C. piece is made to order, allowing customers to choose their desired metal and options for gemstone accents. Available reclaimed and recycled precious metal options include sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold. From design to fabrication, each piece is made in NYC, with all polishing and shipping done locally. To reduce waste, KIL NYC uses recycled paper materials for shipping, and is carbon negative.

To contact KIL N.Y.C, email Sales and Operations Director, India Mankes-Falcon, at, or call/text 718-909-6429.

About KIL N.Y.C.

Inspired by a life of travel and antiquities, jeweler, Konstantinos Leoussis created KIL N.Y.C. in 2018, to showcase his love of old-world techniques and motifs. KIL N.Y.C. puts an edgy and modern spin on sentimental jewelry, creating styles that are both easily wearable and instant heirlooms.

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