Lab Grown Diamond Laser-Cut into Solid 4-ct Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Laser-Cut into Solid 4-ct Ring
Pic by Towfiq Ahmed

It’s a single lab grown diamond, carved into 4.04 carat solid-faceted ring.

Dutch Diamond Technologies created it, in collaboration with Belgian jewelry store Heursel, and it was evaluated by GIA, in New York.

The lab described it as demonstrating “the fusion between cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship”.

It was laser-cut from an 8.54 carat lab grown diamond plate created by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Creating the near-perfect circular ring involved 1,131 hours of processing (including pre-grinding) in the Dutch town of Cuijk, followed by 751 hours of polishing in Belgium.

“Manufacture of a solid single-crystal diamond ring is a very complex and challenging process. Once material is removed from the crystal, very fine fractures and imbalanced strain can have severe consequences and the ring can shatter,” said GIA in an online research note.

“Although this is not the first ‘ring’ of this type that has been reported, it is the first time GIA has evaluated a ring carved from a single laboratory-grown diamond,” said Tom Moses, executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer at GIA.

“As technology continues to evolve with man-made diamond growth, we expect to see more creative ways for this product to be used.”

In 2020, GIA evaluated a 13.15 carat ring carved from a natural gray rough diamond weighing 196 carats.

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