Sergey Ivanov Re-Elected CEO by ALROSA’s Supervisory Board


In a unanimous decision, the Supervisory Board of ALROSA at an absentee meeting re-elected Sergey Ivanov as CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee for a period of five years.

Sergey Ivanov, who was earlier under a three-year contract, has been CEO of ALROSA since March 2017.

“On behalf of the shareholders, I would like to thank Sergey Ivanov for three productive years and congratulate him on his re-election,” said Anton Siluanov, Chairman of ALROSA’s Supervisory Board. “Despite the uneasy situation in the diamond market, ALROSA remains a global leader in terms of diamond output. The company is improving its production efficiency and management quality, strengthening its reputation and boosting trust of partners, shareholders and investors.”

Aysen Nikolayev, Head of Yakutia commented: “ALROSA plays a strategic role in Yakutia’s economy, taxes and dividends are significant for the region’s budget. And we are glad that over the past three years, we created an effective dialogue with the management of the company on all important issues both for the region and the company.”

Sergey Ivanov said: “I would like to thank the Supervisory Board for the vote of confidence. Our immediate objectives are: to maintain sustainable business despite macroeconomic instability, to work on increasing production and sales efficiency, to adapt to rapidly changing realities, to pay due attention to ensuring sustainable development of the regions where we operate, as well as to environmental and industrial safety issues.”

News Source : gjepc

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