WFDB Announces 2018 World Diamond Congress to be Held in in Mumbai in October

WFDB President Ernie Blom.
WFDB President Ernie Blom.

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)
has announced that the 2018 World Diamond Congress, the biannual meeting of the
WFDB and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA), will take place
in Mumbai, India, during the latter part of October. This year’s Congress was due to
take place in Tel Aviv from June 19 to 21.
WFDB President Ernie Blom said: “At our last Executive Committee meeting in Antwerp
last week, our colleagues from the Bharat Diamond Bourse kindly extended an invitation
to host the 2018 Congress in Mumbai. The Congress will take place towards the end of
October, and the final dates will be communicated as soon as possible.
“On behalf of the WFDB and the IDMA board, we would like to thank our colleagues in
Mumbai for their kind invitation, and we look forward to meeting all the WFDB and IDMA
presidents and their delegations, as well as members of the entire diamond pipeline. I
would ask industry members to leave their busy schedules free in the last part of
October to be able to attend this important Congress.”

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