5th edition of GemGenève – another success!

5th edition of GemGenève – another success!

Highly satisfied organisers and exhibitors at the second event in 2022 

GENEVA, NOVEMBER 8, 2022 – The fifth edition of GemGenève, the show dedicated to  professional jewellers and enthusiasts and also open to the public, closed its doors on Sunday  evening, on the eve of the major autumn auctions of the Geneva Luxury Week starting this week.  A total of 3,543 visitors travelled to Palexpo to discover the outstanding gemstones and new  releases on display at GemGenève. While the exhibitors concentrated on new business over the  four days, the general public had an opportunity to find out more about the world of jewellery and  its many facets as they moved from one stand to stand another marvelling at the exceptional pieces  on show. GemGenève delivers a unique experience for first-time buyers and seasoned collectors,  showcasing exceptional precious gemstones and other unexpected treasures. Of the 3,543 visitors, 1,662 came back for a second look, making for a total of 5,205 visits. A participation that  exceeds all previous editions! 

For this new edition, the organisers have outdone themselves in bringing Hall 6 to life with an inspired  scenography reflecting the unique spirit of GemGenève. 

The space has been given a magnificent decorum in orange and purple tones, with a wide avenue and a  large boulevard as well as small lounges conducive to business discussions. 

Much appreciated were ’le Village des Savoirs’ (hosting the schools and the Villa that housed the Gem  Museum of Singapore and the micro-mosaic exhibition), ’le Village des Designers’ (a space bringing  together all the contemporary designers), and a digital capsule invested by journalists, youtubers and  podcast creators. 

Last but not least, a nod to the international Geneva, a mini “Jet d’eau” was set up in front of The Tom &  Ronny’s Brasserie, creating surprise and good mood among the participants.

A total of 176 exhibitors took part in the event. In addition to 144 professional dealers, other exhibitors  included designers from the Vivarium Quartet, Emerging Talents, New Designers, the Strong & Precious  project featuring Ukrainian designers, school stands, the Villa stand housing the Singapore Gem Museum  display, a micro-mosaics exhibition stand, the Bernard Letu and the Gem Collectors bookshops. The 176 

exhibitors benefited from a favourable environment for business, discussions, and networking  opportunities with connoisseurs and amateur enthusiasts. As organiser and co-founder of the show Ronny  Totah explains, “this edition exceeded all our expectations in terms of numbers. We had slightly fewer  exhibitors in November (176) than in May (201), but never before have we had so many buyers and other  visitors.” 

“It’s been a great edition”, adds co-founder Thomas Faerber. “We’ve had positive feedback from many of  those taking part about the organisation, design, and layout of the exhibition. Most of the exhibitors were  visibly happy as they left the event, a sign of business having been good.” 

Visitors travelled from over 70 countries to attend the fifth edition of the Geneva International Gem &  Jewellery Show. Most came from Switzerland, France, and Italy, followed by the UK, Belgium, and the  USA, as well as some from India, Germany, and the UAE.

See you again in 2023! 

The next edition of GemGenève will take place from May 11 to May 14, 2023. Save the date so  we can build the future of jewellery and precious stones – together.

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