ALROSA summarizes preliminary results of the forest reproduction launch


In 2020, ALROSA carried out forest reproduction works on a total area of 585 hectares.

Reforestation works are carried out from May to October. Starting from 2019, Russian legislation oblige forest users carrying out reforestation on an area equal to the one cut down.

ALROSA uses forests while exploring for mineral resources, developing deposits, constructing facilities etc. Reforestation includes artificial and combined reproduction in the Mirny region of Yakutia.

Artificial reforestation is the most difficult method that requires lot of work at both the preliminary and subsequent stages. A new forest needs a long time to grow. It will be possible to speak about the first results only in 15-20 years after planting. It will take 40-60 years before they will become evident.

At the moment ALROSA continues collecting and removing dead wood and planting Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris) seeds. The region’s forestry to accept compensatory works in October.

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