Artist Lasers Designs on Surface of Diamonds

Artist Lasers Designs on Surface of Diamonds
Pic courtesy Pablo Lucker

Contemporary artist Pablo Lucker has chosen the surface of a diamond as the “canvas” for his latest work.

He used a laser to create a series of heart designs on the table of 12 one-carat stones, and a “crown jewel” of 2.75-carats.

Lucker partnered with high-end jewelers Trophy by Gassan (both are based in Amsterdam) for what is being described as the smallest work of art on a diamond.

All the diamonds are GASSAN 121, each with 64 facets more than regular diamonds

“In life like every heart is different,” said Lucker, 37, of the HE(ART) Diamond Collection. “Every love is different. And that’s why I created 13 unique hearts.”

The limited-edition artworks have been on display at a luxury trade show in the Dutch capital.

Prices, according to website are $134,000 for the 2.75-ct and $31,000 for the 1-ct stones.

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