Blue and Pink Diamond Prices Stable in Q3 2019; Yellow Diamond Prices Down 1.5%

Fancy Color Research Foundation

The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) recently put out a report stating that in Q3 2019, prices of Fancy Color diamonds largely remained stable.

“The Fancy Color Diamond Index (FCDI) for Q3 2019 showed a decrease of 0.5% in overall Fancy Color prices, driven by a 1.5% decline in the prices of Yellow diamonds,” the FCRH stated. “Prices of Blues and Pinks stood firm.”

Q3 2019, in line with the trend for the past 12 months, saw the Fancy Vivid category outperforming (0.1%) the Fancy Intense (-0.5%) and Fancy (-1.0%) categories, the foundation noted.

“In comparison to the corresponding quarter in 2018, the Q3 FCDI indicates that the Fancy Vivid Blue 2 ct category increased by 6.9%, the Fancy Vivid Yellow 8 ct category decreased by 9.5% and the Fancy Vivid Pink 5 ct category showed an increase of 5%,” FCRF added.

The foundation said that the prices of Pinks remained stable this quarter, “with a mixed behaviour in different categories,” resulting in a slight decrease of 0.1% overall. The slight drop was attributed mainly to a decrease of 3% in the 5 ct Fancy Pink category. “However, all Fancy Vivid Pinks rose by 0.4%, with Fancy Vivid Pinks of 1 and 3 ct categories increasing by 1.6% and 1.7%, respectively,” FCRF affirmed.

The prices for Blue diamonds “remained balanced” in Q3, with a 0.1% increase. “The sharpest increase in Q3 was presented by the 1.5 ct Fancy Vivid Blue category (2.1%),” FCRF pointed out. “Over the past 12 months, the price of this category appreciated by 10.6%. Interestingly, the sharpest drop during this quarter (-2.2%) was in the 1.5 ct Fancy Intense Blue category.”

Yellow diamonds brought the index down with their prices falling by 1.5% in the current quarter. “The most distinct price decrease of 3.5% was in the 3 ct Fancy Vivid Yellow category,” FCRF explained. “The only category not presenting a depreciation was the 2 ct Fancy Intense Yellow.”

News Source: gjepc

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