BVC Logistics launches a new service, BVC WeddingSHIP

BVC Logistics launches a new service BVC WeddingSHIP

BVC Logistics, the most trusted name in Diamond and Jewellery logistics has announced the launch of a new service, BVC WeddingSHIP. It is a unique service that is launched for the first time in India targeting the needs of the families of the bride and groom in a destination wedding. The service entails transporting valuable jewellery between locations securely and also dealing with the innumerous cumbersome customs clearance related processes when the wedding destination is outside the country.

With the millennial generation preferring offbeat locations and sometimes seeking destinations where their favourite stars tied their knots, weddings become a logistics nightmare for the families. Primarily because such destinations are as foreign as the land itself. Amongst all valuables, it is the jewellery security that looms large as a worry, especially if it is a priceless family heirloom or a designer piece carved exclusively for the bride or the bridegroom and their families.

To obliterate this worrying task, BVC Logistics has launched BVC WeddingSHIP, a specially curated logistics service for destination weddings. The service ensures that your valuables are safely delivered to the desired address. The new service from the stable of BVC Logistics will currently offer this in 7 select countries like Thailand, Dubai, Antalia – Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, London. It will be adding more destinations as it grows.

Speaking about the service, Mr Joseph Joy, Head of Strategy & Marketing, BVC Logistics, said “Safe and Secure transportation of Jewellery used in a wedding celebration is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to managing the various elements that are intricately involved in organizing a destination wedding. If this was not enough, the customs clearance process that comes into play whenever jewellery or precious metal is carried across the border is tedious, technical in nature and intricate to say the least. This is best handled by experts in the field who execute such shipments daily. This is where BVC comes in with its huge legacy and experience in this space making the entire process a breeze for the travellers.”

With over 50 years of experience in the field of Diamond & Jewellery logistics, BVC Logistics is clearly the industry leader and the expert that provides vetted security for its customers. With its one-stop solution for all the jewellery logistics and security across 40 cities in India and in 7 countries currently, with an expansion plan to cover most countries across the globe, the company has carved a niche for itself and is well entrenched in the jewellery logistics and security space.

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