Caviar Introduces Mechanical Watches with a Piece of SpaceX Starship

Caviar Introduces Mechanical Watches with a Piece of SpaceX Starship

The Dubai luxury brand has unveiled the Space Tornado collection of mechanical watches, inspired by space whirlwinds that cause the northern lights on Earth. The dial of the flagship model is encrusted with a piece of the SpaceX mission spacecraft.

Caviar is a luxury brand that creates opulent devices and mechanisms by combining rare materials with advanced technologies. The manufacturer has many years of experience working with watch mechanisms and specializes in creating watches with tourbillons, a variety of which is presented on the company’s website.

This time, the brand’s watch collection has been expanded with a unique novelty – the Stargazer X-Edition watch – whose dial is adorned with a piece of the SpaceX Starship mission spacecraft. “Stargazer” means “one who observes the stars,” and this model symbolizes humanity’s desire for knowledge, stars, and space.

These rarest watches are presented in only three examples. They combine a tourbillon at the 6 o’clock position, a power reserve indicator, and a day/night function. For the Stargazer X-Edition, Caviar’s craftsmen created a dial reminiscent of the surface of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The blue color symbolizes the ocean hidden beneath the planet’s thick layer of ice, which scientists believe may harbor life.

The most interesting detail of these watches is a piece of the Starship spacecraft, embedded in the dial at the 12 o’clock mark. Caviar acquired this fragment from a collector who gathered pieces of Starship in Boca Chica, Texas, USA, north of the SpaceX test site in March 2024, some time after the famous crash of Starship on March 14. This limited edition series symbolizes humanity’s quest for knowledge of the surrounding world, its willingness to make sacrifices, and its determination not to give up after failures.

The model is part of the Space Tornado series, which includes the skeletonized “SkyWard” watch and the double tourbillon “Twin Spin” watch. The skeletonized mechanism of the SkyWard allows observing all the details of the watch mechanism and tourbillon in action. The transparent case adds an airy feel to the complex design of the model. The ultra-complex mechanism of the Twin Spin model features two identical tourbillons, adorned with the letter S, the initial of the Space Tornado collection.

Prices start with $ 5490 for Stargazer, the Stargazer X-edition costs $ 6910.

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