Chete Jewelry is Launching a new Brand In VicenzaOro

Vicenza cocktail party

CHETE Jewelry is celebrating the launch of its new Brand Beyond Time in VICENZAORO, where they will also host a cocktail party at the Villa Bonin Via Del Commercio, 49, 36100 Vicenza. (across the road of the main entrance of VICENZAORO) on Sunday the 19th of January at 5Pm (19/1/2020).

“We are Very excited to Present our new Brand Beyond Time: Charms forever,” says Joye Hurwitz, General Manager at Chete. “We invite you all to attend our cocktail party, a gathering of wonderful people, sharing, all together, a vision through jewelry.”

The Beyond Time Brand is an Artisanal Charm collections handcrafted to resonate with the timeless qualities of strong woman everywhere. Free foaming and poetic, each charm feels really special to the touch and carries a unique vibration that lets Woman connect to their daily essence and our shared destiny.

The Beyond time collection is already gaining attention across social media platforms, with a unique Marketing Campaign filled with Creative storytelling and Audience targeting. “Our Goal in this Campaign was to raise Brand awareness while letting our audience feel that the Beyond time collection speaks louder than jewelry, it’s really about connecting people”, says Chete’s PR & Marketing Manager Omri Hurwitz, “I feel that nowadays people want to buy a product that speaks to them in a personal but shareable way, that adds emotional value to them”.

A little bit about the company: Chete is fortunate to be a leading force in the design and manufacture of fine sterling silver jewelry for the world’s top retail TV channels, brands, jewelry chain stores, wholesalers and catalog vendors.

Chete’s talented design teams from around the world draw their inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions, offering retail and wholesale customers an exciting mix of jewelry styles to suit their markets.

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