COLLECTION: GFG Jewellery Counts on Personalisation Trend

GFG Jewellery counts on personalisation trend

Luxury jewellery brand GFG Jewellery has launched a collection of number-adorned designs.

The new Numerology range invites consumers to find their lucky number by adding their date of birth for the date, month and year separately till you achieve a single digit.

For example, if they are born 7th of July 1983, their numerology calculation is as follows 0+7=7 (date), 0+7=7 (month) and 1+9+8+3=21==> 2+1=3 (year). Then they will need to add 7+7+3=17==> 1+7=8.

The numerology birthday meaning is believed to shed light on a person’s life

Crafted in 18ct yellow gold, the designs are adorned with white sapphires.

The collection comprises necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

View the range here:

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