Daily wager digs up diamond worth Rs 1.5 crore in MP’s Panna

Daily wager digs up diamond worth Rs 1.5 crore in MP’s Panna

BHOPAL: Family of a laborer in Panna on Tuesday was celebrating Diwali almost a month before the festival of lights and prosperity. Motilal Prajapati, 30, has found a fortune when he dug out one of the biggest diamonds in the history of Panna’s shallow diamond mines.

The diamond mined by Motilal weighed 42.9 carats, second heaviest in the history of Panna shallow diamond mines. Last time it happened in 1961 when the biggest 44.55-carat diamond was found in the shallow mines of Panna, said Santosh Singh diamond officer of Panna.

The diamond officer of Panna district Santosh Singh said, “The gem quality precious stone has been valued at over Rs 1.5 crore. We will auction it according to government rules in the coming days.”

Holding tightly the precious stone between his thumb and forefinger posing for TV cameras, jubilant Motilal said, “Maza aa gayaa. This would help serve his elderly mother and father. Hope the poverty of the family will go away.”

He said his family was under debt. “This would not only help improve his family’s financial situation, but I would also be able to come out of the debt. My two children would be able to study in good schools.”

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