De Beers Moves Auctions HQ to Botswana

De Beers Moves Auctions HQ to Botswana
Pic courtesy De Beers.

De Beers is moving its auctions headquarters from Singapore to Botswana in a move designed to streamline its operations and cut costs.

The UK-based miner sells around 10 per cent of its rough, by value, via online auctions to almost 1,000 registered buyers. The other 90 per cent is sold to sightholders.

In a statement the company said De Beers Group Auctions would pause it operations and sales events in the coming months, while the transition takes place.

Last year De Beers postponed its Cycle 5 and 6 auctions amid dwindling demand from Indian manufacturers and in January it introduced a new online “sealed bid” tender called The Offer for some of its rough diamonds.

Al Cook, De Beers Group CEO, said the move would drive cost efficiencies and support the needs of customers.

Last December Anglo American, parent company of De Beers said the diamond miner would have to cut $100m from its annual overheads in the face of ongoing weak demand.

De Beers moved its Sights from the UK to Gaborone, Botswana, in 2013.

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