‘Diamonds Do Good’: Lux Bond & Green Jewelers Supports “Christmas Wish CT”

Lux Bond and Green presenting a check to Mike Stacey of Christmas Wish CT at the WHUD Radio Station

US-based Lux Bond & Green Jewelers, one of the longest continuously operating singularly owned jewellers in America, has continued to extend support to the Christmas Wish CT programme that seeks to help families in the local community who, for various reasons, may not be able to celebrate the festival on their own.

Highlighting the initiative on its website, Diamonds Do Good states that the jeweller was one of the first companies in the city to support what till then had been an individual to individual gifting initiative at the festival time that had been launched by the host of a popular local radio station, Mike Stacey in 2004.

“Lux Bond and Green Jewelers were one of the first companies to come forward and join us,” says Stacey. “Before. . . it was mostly just listeners trying to write individual checks, but John (Green) stepped forward, and became a community leader.”

Christmas Wish CT, as the event came to be known, has grown and grown, officially registering itself as a 501(C)3 nonprofit and creating an annual Holiday Party that has allowed the community to give back on a larger scale than ever before. Significantly, Christmas Wish CT as an organization has no employees of its own, meaning every person involved in the operation does so on his or her own time.

“We were well aware of a whole community that was not being able to celebrate Christmas,” says John Green, President of Lux Bond and Green Jewelers, noting that Christmas Wish CT just seemed like a natural fit for the company, whose business centers around love, giving and celebrations. Their involvement, though, goes beyond financial support. “It’s not just that we’re giving them a check,” Green adds, “we’re actually witnessing [the impact].” Lux Bond and Green’s committed staff attend the organization’s Christmas Party every year, volunteering and providing support wherever it is needed. “It’s amazing to see all the bags lined up with all the kid’s names and all the volunteers,” says Andrea Mascaro, Lux Bond, and Green’s Advertising Director. “It’s just an incredible event.”

Giving back has been an integral part of Lux Bond and Green since its inception, and will forever be at the forefront of the company’s operation. “It’s a culture,” says John Green, “and carrying on traditions that were started in 1898 . . . understanding that the community becomes better when people [give back].”

Pic caption: Lux Bond and Green presenting a check to Mike Stacey of Christmas Wish CT at the WHUD Radio Station

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