Dramatic Bejewelled Statements

Dramatic Bejewelled Statements

Eclectic designs, fascinating silhouettes and vibrant gems permeate the jewellery scene as modern women turn to the bold and the beautiful to express their confidence and sense of style.

Not for the self-effacing, statement jewellery seeks and attracts attention. Pieces are big in form or impact, if not both. Busy bejewelled tableaus as well as serene singular sensations catch the eye effortlessly.

Mismatched pairs, exquisite chandeliers, asymmetric shapes and riveting melanges of gems and precious metals bring the drama to ear jewellery.

Rings have long evolved from the regular band, offering a plethora of interesting renditions that range from finger armours and multi-digit frames to large cocktail rings and finger-wrist hand harnesses.

Cuffs, bangles and bracelets astound in captivating geometric patterns, conveying strength and power in femininity. Striking sautoirs, chokers and neck rings hint at an irrepressible whimsy and a delightful charm.

Making a comeback too with this trend are delightful brooches that easily double as pendants. Myriad motifs, many of which draw inspiration from nature, are captured in these versatile pieces.

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