Famed L.A. Jeweler Launches First Ever Gender Inclusive Pearl Line

Famed L.A. Jeweler Launches First Ever Gender Inclusive Pearl Line

Custom designs previously reserved for celebrity red carpets feature two aesthetics: Fame and Fortune

LOS ANGELES — October 24, 2022 — One of the most popular L.A. jewelers is also one you’ve probably never heard of, as the vast majority of its designs have never been made available to the general public. But LAguna Pearl, the brand known for its cult following among celebrities and A-listers, today announced a shift with the launch of a new gender-inclusive pearl jewelry line inspired by the custom requests they’ve filled for Hollywood actors and musicians – predominantly men. While the lines were created to be worn by all genders, the launch marks the first time pearls – historically known for their rigid femininity – have been intentionally designed and marketed to men.

LAguna’s FAME line is more about what it isn’t: Classic. Elite. Ostentatious. The pieces are purposefully crafted to make a statement and to be worn untraditionally. The FORTUNE line highlights the elegance, sophistication, and timelessness pearls are traditionally known for but restyled and updated with none of the stuffiness. FORTUNE is unapologetic glamor with a modern take on refinement.

“Pearls need to break out of this box they’ve been put in,” said Leon Rbibo, the company’s president, who L.A.’s more eccentric hip-hop and indie artists have dubbed “Wisdom” (an apparent reference to the ubiquitous idiom, pearls of wisdom). “Most people think pearls and think feminine, classic, timeless, even aristocracy. Yes, they can be all of those things – but they don’t have to be. We want this new line to open people’s minds stylistically.”

LAguna’s sister brand, The Pearl Source, has been importing high-end pearls from French Polynesia and Asia for more than two decades. It has historically remained traditional in its designs and product lines, tapping into the classic, elegant nature that pearls are widely known for. But dozens of custom requests from L.A.’s entertainment scene – especially from men – gave rise to Laguna Pearl, a brand that favors bold, edgy designs using pearls in ways in which they are not traditionally utilized.

The styles have become popularized by artists such as A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Drake, Pharrell Williams, and Jason Mamoa. LAguna’s most recent exclusive, private design was a $250,000 piece for an attendee of the 2022 Grammy Awards.

LAguna’s new line includes some expected elements: bigger gemstones, chunkier chains, and alternative metals and materials to accommodate larger necks and wrists. But it also features smaller pearl pieces that can be layered, stacked, and draped to create visually striking looks. Colors and tones also deviate from the more classic whites and creams to include Tahitian black pearls and blue and green peacock hues.

“Wealthy, powerful men wore pearls all throughout history, from Asia to the Middle East, to modern European royalty,” Rbibo said. “It’s not that men wearing pearls is a new concept. But designing and creating a line with men as the primary buyer is. It’s just not something that’s been done at any scale largely thanks to societal and fashion norms.”

Both Laguna Pearl and The Pearl Source also offer women’s and unisex product lines as well. For more information, visit ThePearlSource.com or LagunaPearl.com.

About The Pearl Source and Laguna Pearl

The Pearl Source and Laguna Pearl are two of the largest online pearl jewelry retailers in the United States. Both brands import and design with Freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls. A leading member of Jewelers of America, they specialize in offering high-quality, customized pearl jewelry at up to 80 percent off retail prices. All jewelry pieces are created in house at the company’s Los Angeles-based headquarters to ensure that every order adheres to the highest standards of pearl quality.

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