Gemfields Poll: Coloured Gemstones Emerge As Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gemfields Poll: Coloured Gemstones Emerge As Popular Valentine's Day Gifts
Faberge x Gemfields Treillage brushed ruby heart surprise locket

In a bid to gauge public sentiment towards coloured gemstones as presents for Valentine’s Day, Gemfields conducted a light-hearted opinion poll survey.

Find Out Now, a UK consumer insight provider, undertook the survey, reaching out to 56,644 participants from 8th to 10th February, 2024. Among these respondents, 524 were identified as potential buyers of gemstone jewellery for Valentine’s Day.

Among those considering purchasing jewellery with gemstones, almost half (255 out of 524, accounting for 48.6%) were contemplating one of the ‘Big Three’: emerald, ruby, or sapphire. The remaining 51.4% were eyeing options like diamond, amethyst, pearl, or other gemstones. The decision on which gemstone to buy was primarily influenced by whether it was the favourite of either the buyer or their partner, followed by considerations like it being their or their partner’s birthstone or a representation of their anniversary year.

This data, collected in 2024, marks the initial findings for Gemfields, who intend to continue monitoring consumer attitudes towards coloured gemstones in the future.

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