Graff Diamond iPhone – Yours for $450,000

Graff Diamond iPhone - Yours for $450,000
Pic courtesy Caviar International

The world’s most expensive iPhone – incorporating a Graff diamond snowflake pendant – is on the market, for $450,000.

Russian company Caviar International has made three iPhone 14 Pro Max cases of platinum and 18K white gold inlaid with a total of 570 round and marquise-cut diamonds.

The Diamond Snowflake is a collaboration with British jeweler Graff and is also fits the new iPhone 15.

Caviar says on it website: “Diamond Snowflake is a treasure of the jewelry house Caviar. We have disassembled the Snowflake diamond necklace by Graff and used its dazzling snowflake pendant to decorate the smartphone. It will give you the shine of million stars.”

The company is also producing a lower-priced version, together with Swarovski, as a limited edition of 20.

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