How to find the right space to showcase your brand

How to find the right space to showcase your brand

With Mantra Jewellery we’ve thought long and hard over the last three years about our distribution strategy, to put our brand in front of the right people, at the right time.

And it is this point about ‘at the right time’ which has led us to avoid the usual wholesale approach and sell direct to the consumer instead. We use both digital and physical touchpoints, but we haven’t looked to traditional jewellery retailers to stock our range.

There is no doubt some risk in our strategy, as it means we are missing out on working with many of the outstanding retailers out there. But I am confident that this is the right approach for our brand, for a number of reasons — the most important being context.

We have learnt over the last three years that people buy Mantra when they aren’t looking for jewellery.
They are seeking wellness, inspiration, escape. They are on a journey of mindfulness, personal development, and wellbeing. They are looking out for brands and experiences that support and help this quest, and fit with their life philosophy and values.

This is where our consumer event strategy fits in.

By taking Mantra to the right kind of wellbeing events, we can meet this audience at a time and a place when they are in the mindset of curiosity the perfect context in which to discover our brand. Jewellery is unlikely to have even been on their consideration list before they arrived but Mantra fits their brief perfectly as a tool to help them on their quest.

For us, the huge growth in events around wellbeing, mindfulness and happiness as opposed to fashion or shopping events highlights a real trend in what people are looking for.

And, as high street shopping declines, and the growth in fashion shopping is in high-end trainers as opposed to jewellery, we all need to find other avenues to reach potential customers for our products.

The world of consumer events is an exciting space to be involved in right now, with social media sharing growing the audience and amplifying the experience, and digital marketing proving highly effective at driving attendance.

This is where we are seeing the biggest growth and where we will continue to put our focus in 2020.

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