IDEX appoints Ya’akov Almor Editor-in-Chief of IDEX Online & Magazine

yaakovalmor idex

International Diamond Exchange, one of the leading international online diamond-trading platforms, has appointed veteran communications expert and strategic consultant Ya’akov Almor as the new Editor-in-Chief of IDEX Online & Magazine. He succeeds Albert Robinson.

Almor had worked with IDEX earlier in his career a couple of decades ago, and has subsequently been a communications consultant with many of the industry’s leading trade bodies including WFDB, IDMA, World Diamond Mark, ICA, International Diamond Council, IDE and others, besides working on other communications and promotional projects for companies also. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the World Diamond Magazine, published in cooperation with the Turkish Jewellery Exporters Association.

“We’re very pleased to have Ya’akov on board with us. We have known him a long time, ever since he worked with us briefly after IDEX was established almost two decades ago. He has since continued to accumulate a wealth of experience, expertise, industry knowledge and connections. After he came into the diamond and gemstone industry in the late 1980ies, Ya’akov has served as a journalist, public relations director, sales director, business development consultant, spokesman, communications director, writer and editor. Therefore, we’re confident that with his broad orientation and pleasant demeanour, he’ll make an excellent new team member who certainly will take IDEX Online & Magazine to the next level,” Ehud Cohen, Chairman of the IDEX Group of Companies, stated.

“It is exciting to be re-joining IDEX at this particular time,” Almor said. “IDEX Online and Magazine is one of the diamond, gem and jewellery industry and trade’s few remaining anchors. While during the past decades the number of trade publications literally has been decimated, IDEX has not only remained standing but has adapted, changed, reinvented itself and therefore survived, becoming stronger and better in the process,” Almor stated.

He added that while his immediate brief will be to ensure that IDEX Online and Magazine continues as one of the flagship publications of the industry, he will also “endeavour to help create more added value for all the users of IDEX’ products and services”.

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