Jewellery most wanted gift by women, new survey reveals

jewellery gift

A worldwide survey has revealed that jewellery, and particularly earrings, is considered the most popular gift amongst women.

The study, carried out by JewelStreet, revealed that 58% of women would like to receive jewellery as a gift, ahead of theatre tickets (30%), perfume (23%), and a meal out (15%).

57% of those surveyed stated they would like to get earrings as a gift, with the next most popular items being necklaces (42%), bracelets (30%) and fashion rings (26%).

Chocolates were the biggest no-no, with 31% of respondents declaring them their most unwanted gift.

Flowers (17%) and underwear (17%) were also considered unpopular gifts, in addition to vacuum cleaners, suitcases and oven gloves.

Speaking about the results, JewelStreet’s senior marketing executive, Vivianne Leung, comments: “If you’re ever in doubt about what to get the woman in your life, get her jewellery. Earrings are hugely popular due to their versatility and varying styles – and that’s the same with necklaces and bracelets.

“Every piece on JewelStreet is from an independent business and handcrafted by a talented designer. By shopping with us you can enjoy uniquely handcrafted jewellery, and support local economies at the same time.”

JewelStreet bills itself as the world’s only online marketplace dedicated to handcrafted, independent jewellery.

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