Most Jewelry Consumers Still Want to Talk to Jeweler

Most Jewelry Consumers Still Want to Talk to Jeweler

Sixty-four percent of consumers who bought jewelry visited a jewelry store to speak to someone during the purchase process, according to Jewelers of America‘s new Fine Jewelry Industry Consumer and Retail Market Study.

That’s 26 percent more than other luxury items, the survey said.

“When it comes to purchasing jewelry, the results of our survey show that for consumers, seeing is believing, and they still rely the on the expertise and knowledge of their jeweler,” said Jewelers of America president and CEO David J. Bonaparte in a statement. “The jewelry shopping experience is different from other luxury purchases and even in the rise of e-commerce, customers increasingly prioritize the in-store shopping experience.”

Even so, the survey found that 39 percent of retail jewelers cite e-commerce as their biggest competition—and just 33 percent of jewelers have their own e-commerce site.

The survey also shows that jewelry remains a popular gift:

  1. 43 percent of consumers purchased or received jewelry as a gift in the past year.
  2. 34 percent of people plan to purchase jewelry in the next year.
  3. 22 percent have purchased jewelry for themselves.
  4. 50 percent of consumers think that fine jewelry has sentimental value and helps to mark special occasions.

The survey, conducted by Provoke Insights, questioned 2,019 consumers, ages 22 to 59 with a household income of $50,000, as well over 257 association members.

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