Naomi Sarna Stone in Motion” Debuts Carved Gemstone Jewelry at Wilensky

Exceptional Hand Carved Aquamarine and Diamond Gold Pendant by Naomi Sarna

During New York Jewelry Week Solo exhibition features the award-winning designer’s bespoke art jewelry, an ode to movement.

New York, NY. October 10, 2019. In anticipation of New York Jewelry Week, Wilensky brings the marvel of sinuous gemstones to Chelsea. Evocative and ethereal, Naomi Sarna debuts original works at the gallery from November 20th-December 20th, 2019. The award-winning designer will showcase hand carved jewels, inspired by the drapery of fabric and flow of water—a homage to motion in precious gem material. Sculptural and wearable, Sarna’s work complements Wilensky, where breathtaking aesthetic meets exquisite minerals.

“Naomi Sarna is not a stone carver. She is a poet, crafting stories with deep literature through stone. Each piece possesses its own spellbinding personality. I fell in love with a jadeite bracelet I tried on. It felt as if this amulet had chosen me, and not the other way around. There is truly something magical about the Naomi Sarna collection,” says Troy Wilensky, Managing Director, Wilensky.

During “Naomi Sarna: Stone in Motion,” the emotive power of colored gemstones is unleashed. Viewers follow meticulous curves throughout the cases, enraptured by each complex carving. Sarna’s citrine and pink sapphire “Solar Flare” ring evokes the vibrancy of the sun, conjuring the fiery red of flares erupting on the surface. Her amethyst and diamond cocktail ring is reminiscent of rippling water, calming and fluid. Both bespoke cocktail rings sit along the hand’s natural shape, with Sarna’s signature comfort fit. “Feather,” a 91.64. ct. unheated, carved, winged aquamarine brooch is masterfully crafted, creating an intricate play of light and color throughout the gemstone…a jeweled tour de force.

With twenty-three American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award wins, and pieces in the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection, Naomi Sarna is internationally renowned for her carving, setting, and design. Her journey involves impassioned activism for the Maasai of Tanzania, promoting female entrepreneurship, and giving back proceeds from select pieces to support eye health in the local mining community.

Sarna says of her exhibition at Wilensky, “I see my jewels as a transition from their natural origins as crystals from the earth, to their completed journey for the person who wears them. My hands compose their story. The fortunate wearer treasures both their existence, and their story in the same way Wilensky mineral origins are treasured. To see them in that context is a reunion of spirit, art, and nature.”

Exclusively featuring original hand-carved pieces in the contemporary gallery space, “Naomi Sarna: Stone in Motion” will run from November 20th-December 20th, 2019, Monday through Saturday, from 11:00 AM-6:00 PM at Wilensky, 173 10th Avenue, New York, NY, 10011.

On November 20th, from 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM, an opening reception will be held at the gallery, in partnership with the Women’s Jewelry Association New York Metro Chapter, and New York City Jewelry Week (NYCJW).

About Wilensky
Wilensky has entered a new chapter with the opening of its gallery in the Chelsea art district of NYC, presenting exquisite minerals among the world’s great art galleries, displaying them as works of art. The gallery opens up the mesmerizing world of exquisite minerals to everyone. Minerals are displayed alongside neighboring galleries exhibiting Warhol, Basquiat, Pollock and Picasso. Achieving the emotional impact of art through exquisite mineral specimens is the goal. Not a competition, but a convergence.

About Naomi Sarna
Connecting directly to the source, Naomi Sarna travels the world in search of colored gemstones. Inspired by nature and its sinuous lines, Sarna has mastered the art of hand carving, as well as setting, a feat few jewelry designers attest to. Considered one of the finest carvers in the world, she is the winner of many prestigious awards, including twenty-three AGTA Spectrum Awards. Her work is represented in the Smithsonian National Gem Collection, and has been displayed in several museums. Sarna is recognized for the incorporation of unusual natural pearls, flowing gem carvings, and extraordinary fit and finish.

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