OROAREZZO, Première Chooses “Love And Beauty” To Inspire Designers And Young Talents

OROAREZZO, Première Chooses “Love And Beauty” To Inspire Designers And Young Talents

Italian taste meets the most sublime sentiment at the 33rd edition of the jewellery  contest devised by Beppe Angiolini to celebrate Made in Italy manufacturing At IEG’s Oroarezzo, creations by the big names will be competing alongside the  projects of the young under-30s in the Talents category 

The jury will announce the winners on Sunday 12th May at Arezzo Fiere e Congress

Arezzo (Italy), April 2024 – Transforming sensitivity and sentiment into a precious object. This is the  challenge of the 33rd edition of Première, the Oroarezzo contest that celebrates the productive and creative  excellence of Made in Italy in the gold, silver and jewellery sector. At the Italian Exhibition Group – IEG event,  scheduled to take place at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi – in the Italian manufacturing district of Arezzo, Tuscany  – from 11th to 14th May, the jewellery competition will focus on the theme of “Love and Beauty”


«How can sentiment be converted into an object?» wonders Beppe Angiolini, artistic director of the  competition, honorary president of the National Chamber of Fashion Buyers and ambassador of Oroarezzo.  «This has always been the challenge of art. An exciting feat whether we are talking about the great works of  architecture and painting or a small creation, such as a piece of jewellery». Space is therefore given to  creativity, focusing on the beauty and uniqueness of precious materials to tell the story of that most sublime  sentiment: love. «Not only hearts and padlocks: love is simultaneously chain and freedom, wings to fly and  the concreteness of building a future. The important thing is to preserve the lightness of dreams», Angiolini  concludes.  


Première is an exceptional stage for Oroarezzo’s exhibiting companies, highlighting at each edition the know how and creative potential of Italian goldsmith manufacturing. «With Oroarezzo, the world’s gold market  spotlights turn onto the city and its excellence», says Matteo Farsura, Global Exhibition Manager for IEG’s  Jewellery & Fashion division. «A tradition of undisputed goldsmith mastery that, thanks to the joint action of  local institutions and trade associations, offers incoming international buyers a unique experience enriched  by an unparalleled artistic and cultural heritage, the liveliness of the entrepreneurial fabric and a warm  welcome». 

EMERGING TALENTS: THE “TALENTS” CATEGORY FOR GOLDSMITH SCHOOL STUDENTS Oroarezzo 2024 confirms its commitment to training young talents in the goldsmithing sector and is once  again proposing the “Talents” competition category, open to students from goldsmith schools. The  youngsters will have the opportunity to showcase their talent by participating with their jewellery designs  alongside those of the event’s exhibiting companies. The winner of the competition will be given the chance  to produce their project in collaboration with one of the companies exhibiting at the show and present it at  the Italian Jewellery Summit 2024, organised by IEG in Arezzo at the end of the year. The “Talents” initiative 

is an important meeting point between supply and demand in the jewellery sector, providing young people  aspiring to a career in this field with the opportunity to come into contact with companies and make  themselves known. 


The competing jewellery, as well as the Talents’ proposals, will be judged by a jury composed of sector  operators, journalists, fashion opinion leaders, bloggers and style experts, chaired by Beppe Angiolini. The  prize-giving ceremony will take place on Sunday 12th May at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi.

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