Pandora launches gold-plated jewellery collection


Jewellery giant Pandora has today launched its very first selection of gold-plated jewellery.

As part of Pandora’s mission to become a ‘full jewellery’ brand, the company has dipped into the increasingly popular gold-plated market as it sets to make the yellow hue more affordable and accessible.

Designed by two new creative directors, the brand has introduced Pandora Shine – an 18ct gold plated sterling silver range of jewellery.

While Pandora does also offer 22ct solid gold products, the price of these are much higher than the silver. Now, with Pandora Shine, alongside Pandora Rose and the sterling silver products, consumers can access any of their favourite metal colours at key entry price point.

“Today, gold is the material and colour that most women want to wear, but it’s extremely high-priced,” shares Stephen Fairchild, chief creative officer at Pandora. “With Pandora Shine we want to offer women gold designs – at a more accessible price point.”

He continues: “We see a big opportunity here, and anticipate that women will embrace the 18ct gold plating on sterling silver and be excited about the colour, the metal, the themes, and the new designs. Our ambition is to introduce a metal and a design concept that is relevant for our existing customers – and attracts new customers. We want to create a road map for new women to enter the Pandora universe.”

Pandora Shine introduces two lines – Bee Mine and Rays of Sunshine – as well as iconic Pandora designs and limited edition styles.

Bee Mine, as the name suggests, features bee motifs and a nod to the geometric details of the honeycomb. For Pandora, the bee represents determination and power, and serves as an eye-catching feature on limited edition designs.

Building on the summer theme, Rays of Sunshine takes inspiration from springtime nature and rays of light from the sun. In this line, luxurious golden yellow and orange hues have been partnered with intricate details.

Alongside launching into the gold-plated market, the SS18 offering is the first full collection by the brand’s new creative director duo Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, who are pushing design boundaries and moving Pandora into a more trend-driven direction. As such, for this new collection also features the jewellery giant’s debut choker offering.

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