Passenger Caught with $84,000 of Gold Inside Body

Passenger Caught with $84,000 of Gold Inside Body
Pic of the three packets of gold paste recovered, courtesy Imphal Customs.

A passenger at an airport in India was caught with almost 1kg (2.2lbs) of gold, most of it concealed inside their body.

They were intercepted at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport, Imphal, in the northeastern state of Manipur, after a specific tip-off.

Customs officers recovered one packet of gold, in a paste form, within the airport complex, and found two more hidden inside the passenger’s body after a thorough examination.

The gold packets were shaped like eggs, wrapped in rubber sheaths and were found hidden inside the passenger’s rectum.

The passenger has not been identified, and Customs did not say where they’d traveled from.

The total weight of the gold was 972.28 grams, with a market value of Rs 70,31,601 ($84,000).

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