Sea Candy Kaleidoscope Pendant by Drutis Jewellery

Sea Candy Kaleidoscope Pendant by Drutis Jewellery

9 ct yellow gold pendant, semi precious and precious stones inside, sea themed engravings filled with cold multicoloured enamel, mother of pearl sides. Opening mechanism on the hoop of the kaleidoscope to detach and re-attach the pendant.

Drutis Jewellery sets sail from the sun kissed port city of Odessa, Ukraine’s pearl of the Black Sea, and this piece seeks its inspiration from the marine themes and colours of the crystal sea and the sandy shores it spills onto. Drutis have taken both spiritual and physical inspiration from the sea, giver of life and vitality, filling this kaleidoscope pendant with light coloured emeralds and Swiss topaz, as well as amethyst, apatite, pearls, chrysolite and pink tourmaline – and embossing its body with imagery that reminds us of the ocean. They have chosen mother of pearl for the sides of this pendant and it is an unexpected discovery to see this material represented such in yellow gold, surrounded by colours. Each engraving is carefully filled with enamel – red seahorse, blue and red starfish, white seashells and of course a Ukrainian inspired little nemo fish of blue and yellow.

This piece exudes a light-hearted and playful style and creates happiness when looked through. The bursts of colour, the whimsical enamel, and the surprising inclusion of mother of pearl all contribute to its vibrant “pop” style. Additionally, the lighter colour scheme formed by the interplay of the tumbling inner stones bring on thoughts of the beach and sea. This pendant is sunshine, holiday, sea, and joy all in one piece and will take your Mother back to the sunny days spent playing together on the beach, and those cherished holidays as a family.

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