Reasons Why Gemstones Fail To Be Your Lucky Charm

Reasons Why Gemstones Fail To Be Your Lucky Charm

There are myriad ways in which a gemstone affects your life and boost it all up. From marital issues to career, health, and professional success; there are reasons for which people look for natural and high-quality gemstones. However, looking for the best that suits their requirement, at times becomes a challenge. The purchased gemstones can turn out to be fake (synthetic) or astrologically incorrect leading to failure and distress.

However, it’s not only an invalid gem (unheated-untreated) but also a number of other factors which makes it all worthless. So, before you carry on with your misinterpretations for the stones or the gem dealer and astrologer; let’s delve deeper into a different set of flaws. Next time if a fortune teller pitches a gemstone to you; these are what you need to look for.

1. Wrong Recommendation

The recommendation of a correct gemstone has a lot to do with your horoscope (lagna) and planets. At times, there is a big question mark on the authenticity of a gemstone but it’s not the gemstone that poses the difficulty but the wrong recommendation. Even if it’s a 100% pure and certified gemstone; it might not be effective enough to deal with your case. So definitely you need something more than just a powerful heera or panna. Infact, a wrong recommendation and a right stone can together instil negative energies, thereby, cancelling the effects of a particular gemstone on the person. Hence, try to reach out to the specialists who go by careful considerations.

2. Fake/Synthetic Gemstone

Fake-Synthetic Gemstone

Instead of removing the negative effects of your life, your precious gem has ended up being your worst enemy. So, what’s wrong with the stone’s ability to control the flow of energy? Probably, the gem itself; the traits and features of which are different from the original. The origin, elements, color, and sheen give any gem its true identity; the lack of which makes it fake and bogus. You need to be careful and always wear certified astrological gemstones by consulting an expert or a gemologist.

3. Timing Issues

You have one of a high-quality and prosperity stone with you but you are still not acquiring the social status and wealth and you are not duped or cheated either. Well, the negative inclusion, in this case, is your wrong timings and not the stone. It signals your planets the right message only if you wear it at the proper time. Wrong time of the day and a right gem can wreak havoc. In order to establish the influence and effect of the gem; ensure that you wear it at the prescribed time.

4. A Wrong Mix and Match

The right gem, right suggestion and correct timing are also making it all void. The planets are still unfriendly and the stars cold; all because of a wrong combination. Well, you might need to replace a few or remove the one which is not required. For example, sapphire, emerald and diamond make a good combination but garnet and cat’s eye is not a good match. The right mix of gems is extremely significant for making it all favourable, get the things on track and ward away the bad luck. Consult an expert to see what suits best to match up to your world of astrology.

5. Misfit (Size and weight issues)

reasons for gemstone failure

A wrong sized gem is yet another factor for inauspicious results. If you are still not getting over your personal problems and health issues it could be because of an incorrect make of the stone. How it rests on your skin is a major factor in giving you promising results. Gemstone size and measurement are important elements that shall be chosen well. Length, weight and diameter help the wearer reap the best of benefits in all walks of life.

6. Mistaken Purpose

Even if the gemstone ranks the best in reputation, your rashi (Sun-Sign), lagna and dosha don’t seem to be in sync. The bitter fact is that people wear it to follow a rat race or for ornamental purposes. The functioning of a gemstone should never be ignored and taken for granted. It is not your all-in-one solution to look after your weak areas. If the corresponding planet is not getting the right message; it could be a curse than a boon.

7. Damaged / Broken Gem

emeraldYou will be inviting more problems by wearing a damaged or a broken gemstone. The natural and original properties of the stone get lost due to discoloration, cracks, and over-heating, which in turn overshadow the positive effects of a gem. Needless to say, have your astrologer or pundit by your side to pay attention to all the details beforehand. Added sheen, flux, and chemicals also damage the gem enough to prove unworthy.


Instead of associating a gem with your misfortunes, consider these factors too to understand the gem therapy and have it rule your planets.

To ensure that your gem is sparkling with positive energies, try to pick the ones which are first tested in trusted and government labs. Our certified gemstone store carries the certificate of authentication mentioning each and every detail about the gem. Look for the purest and high-quality gems at our online/offline store coupled by our handy recommendations.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and TJM Media Pvt Ltd. is not responsible for any errors in the same.