Revolutionising the Jewellery Industry with Next generation Technology App


Ever wondered whether you could try on latest jewellery collection from finest Jewellers in your city whilst sitting at home, office or anywhere you wish?

We have launched an app by the name of “ARSA” which uses augmented reality technology to allow the user to try on the latest jewellery collection from the finest Jewellers in your city on their smartphone in real time! Sounds like magic? okay then, Let’s take you through the app.

Arsa app uses the state of the art augmented reality technology, nowadays used by apps such as Snapchat & Instagram which enhances our look with filters. We have developed a highly optimised facial tracking module to align the HD Jewellery on the app user, so that one can try jewellery on you in real time.

Below, we present to you the Arsa app home page on the top left, where you can choose from our wide range of products such as Necklace, Rani haar, Mangalsutra, Earrings, Maang teeka for Women and Chains for Men.

Once you select the necklace from wide variety of options from our associate jewellery partners you slide the “Swipe to try on” feature and as is visible in the image at bottom you can see how you can try it out in real time with facial movements as well. you can check the name of the Jeweller offering it, get all information to that jewellers in one place such as Contact details and directions to the respective showroom so that the customer can approach the jeweller for further dealing.

Jewellery App

“why is the youth so detached from jewellery? If you ask any youth what they want for their Birthday gift they would choose a Phone, Laptop vehicle, clothes even shoes but Jewellery isn’t top priority anymore.”

This thought was the motive behind developing this app, we want to make jewellery more appealing. we want that everyone is updated with the latest trends so if for Eg. Any jewellers launches its new collection, it will launch on the same time on the app allowing people to try it on instantly.

This idea when turning into reality will change the jewellery industry forever and for the better. let’s usher in a new era of Progress and prosperity.

Founder – Er. Kunal Kawale

“An Engineer by qualification, designer by heart and Jeweller By profession”
Kunal is an upcoming entrepreneur born and brought up in Nagpur, he pursued Graphic designing from Maac, B.E. Information Technology from Raisoni Autonomous college, Entrepreneurship Management from Wellingkar college, Mumbai. His constant effort is to take the Jewellery industry to the future! He has deep interest is in research and development, During college days He and his Team filed for a patent for research in ATM security.

We at ARSA are striving to bring the best technology possible to use of people, we want to take the industry forward towards the next stage, the future is bright and beautiful.
ARSA also means Augmented Reality Specialized App.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and TJM Media Pvt Ltd. is not responsible for any errors in the same.