Sarine to Open its First Technology Laboratories for Diamond Grading in Israel and India in 2018


Sarine Technologies Ltd said in a release issued yesterday that it would be opening its first ever Sarine Technology Laboratory at Ramat Gan, Israel in February and planned to open a second one in India in May. The labs will provide complete diamond grading reports using the artificial intelligence based technological solutions developed by the Company.

The automated grading will be consistent, digital and accurate, Sarine said, and will also give objective grading of a polished diamond’s Clarity and Colour. The Company said that the services offered will include authentication of the polished diamond (as per diamond or simulant, natural or synthetic, treated or not) and the grading of its 4Cs, all using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Its digital 4Cs report will be customisable as to layout and design to reflect the retailer’s branding message, it added. At a competitive cost, it can also be fully integrated with the Sarine ProfileTM experience (light performance, imaging, Hearts and Arrows analysis, etc.).

David Block, Chief Executive Officer of the Sarine Group, said, “With the opening of the Sarine Technology Lab, we will be providing digital reports that combine technologically advanced grading accuracy and consistency with the most engaging experience for each diamond. We believe that by raising consumers’ confidence and significantly adding to their shopping experience, we can appreciably contribute to the diamond industry’s value proposition, especially important in these times of evolving retail paradigms. We are proud to continue to be at the forefront of introducing technological enhancements to the diamond industry and are especially excited to bring artificial intelligence benefits to the diamond domain.”

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